05 November 2008

Tim Hibbetts and the Case of the Disappearing Checkmark


Last night Tim Hibbetts at KPTV called it for Merkley, and I went with that, knowing that Tim seems never ever to be wrong.

We are on edge here watching the Smith lead, of course. We think Jeff should win! But the interesting thing is how the results on the KPTV web page have been displayed.

Hibbetts, noting that the the majority of the Multnomah County results had not been released (only 72 per cent of the vote has still been counted as of this writing, Smith at approx 623,000 and Merkley at approx 612,000, around a 12,000 vote difference) stood by his prediction as the night wore on and Jeff's lead became Gordon's lead.

Since I'm obsessive about Jeff winning, I stared at that KPTV web page for a lot longer than I should have. Eventually, sometime during the night ... about 3 am or so ... the red check declaring Jeff the winner came off.

In the morning, tho', on GDO, Tim's word was reported: he's standing by his projection, because the Multnomah vote still remains largely uncounted. And there's more than enough Multnomah County votes left over to swing this election the other way.

The checkmark went right back on.

Whoa. Just checked the KPTV page. Jeff's gained about 4,000 while Gordon's only up another 1000. Looks like the lead's shrinking. 625994 to 616745. Smith's lead was as great as 15000 at one point when I looked.

Jack's got a good explanation as to why it's premature to count Jeff out just yet.

We're staying with Jeff too.

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