14 December 2008

The (Old) Soul Of A New Machine


After a major gut check (as previously stated), I de-hard-drived the old drive from the old computer and installed it in the new one. Of course, the nifty thing about Mac OS X is that choosing which startup drive you get to use is a simple thing to do in the System Preferences. We are, in short, back ... 100%. This place is looking a lot like the old place!

Heart ... and soul

The thing about computers is that they contain two parts, when we think schematically: the heart (the processor) and the soul (the hard drive). The hard drive contains all the apps, prefs, everything that gives the computer the personality that you are so familiar with. And I've been using this machine for quite a while, so there was a lot of personality. My favorite apps outside of Adobe and Quark ... the saved mail, the font editors, Cyberduck, all that ... is on the old drive. And being able start up on the old drive brings me back to a very comfortable place. I now have three drives total on this machine, providing a total about 200 GB of storage across the three: SunDial Three is the old drive, the original 80GB drive from the old machine, SunDial Four is the 60GB outboard FW drive I have for backing some things up; and SunDial Six is the drive that came with the new machine (SunDial Five, for what it's worth, is the G3 iBook we have; SunDial One and SunDial Two are hard drives on a machine that is no longer with us that ran Windows 98). So not only do I have a good machine back and a great deal of storage space, but all my apps and the personality of the old machine. It's kind of like coming home. Tags: , , , , ,

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