25 December 2008

A Christmas Gift To All ... Wallpaper For Your Root Account Desktop

1887.Now, we who have Un*x-based systems (OS X and others) know that occaisionally need to get a root account enabled because sometimes you just have to do a superuser thing or two. I occaisionally need to grab files from another account but you can't always do that when just logged in with Administrator priviledges.

But you know how dangerous root access can be. You can delete all files from your system, and the system will go ahead and let you.

I like doing this ... this wallpaper lets you know exactly what kind of fire you're playin' with when you go root. I give this idea to the general public and urge everyone who has a root account on any sort of Un*x to put it up there. Enjoy:

Merry Christmas!

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pril said...

apropos of nothing (as usual). Digging through my pens to give some crayons to a friend's kid, I found a Rotring Rapidoliner pen. Stymied as to how to get the ink cartridge out. I have no idea where it came from or when I got it :P Send me a note.

pril said...

oh yeah and happy 12th-month. lol

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

happy neo-year to you too, my friend.

I'll send you a note.