01 December 2008

Update On The Struggle

I continue to work toward getting my trustworthy PowerMac G4 MDD back on its feet. It's still up on blocks in my studio.

As reported earlier, I did hit the target. I didn't remember until after I had a few donations that the PayPal service will of course take they're cut; effectively I have got the $450 I was originally after; in reality the amount is $431.79.

Definitely not complaining! Just pointing this out as part of my own learning curve.

Next step is to convert that to buying power. I am currently an unverified user of PayPal, and those of you with PP experience know what that means; you have to give them a checking account number to link your PP account too. Have that lined up as well. We typically cast a jaundiced eye toward giving online sites like this too much information, but I haven't heard of a wave of problems with PP, so we will proceed, but proceed with caution. Checking the activity of my PP account will become a regular thing from here on out.

Though I would give one word of advice to people trying a similar thing to this: PayPal is simple to set up but you will have to get verified in order to do anything else but get your money payed out to you in a check, which can take weeks (and you're limited to withdrawing $500 until you get verified anyway).

But, like I said, it's not a complaint, and if these services work as advertised and with reasonable dispatch, I expect to have none.

I'll be spending this money locally. PowerMac (http://powermax.com) seems to have some great deals on used systems.

More as events warrant.

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