21 December 2008

A Test For The Laptop


Now this is a test of something called ScribeFire, an addon for Firefox. This is being done from the G3 iBook because I want to have an alternative from Qumana (which I have a beta of that works on OS X but the downloadable doesn't and they've gone quiet over there), Flock (which actually is starting to grow on me) and the Blogger interface (which I can't stand (nothing personal, Blogger ... it just doesn't work for me.)).

This has a bunch to say for it ... categories in the interface and Technorati tags?

Nice so far. Let's publish it and see if I can live with the results.


Dale said...

I've used scribefire a time or three. I definitely like the expanded text formatting and layout options.

I got rid of it a while back because it seemed to be putting out updates every few hours and it was annoying me with the restarts of Firefox. You've inspired me to give it another try.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Exellent. I hope it's working out for you. I'm finding I have to learn different mojo for making ScribeFire do what I want it to, but it seems to be doable.

Mostly the happy thing is that I can edit both blogger categories and technorati tags from the editor, this is top priority for me. I love tagging my posts!