30 December 2008

The End Of A Year, A Visit To Fry's ... and Goals

1890.I think that I'm kind of starting from zero again, in a way. I'm back on a capable computer, which I got by with a little help from my friends, and I'm looking forward.

If my life was a poem, it would be "Finnegan, begin again". I always seem to be.

Anyway, I'm taking it as a positive sign. And now I look forward. Kris Coppieters has purchased my services, and I'm getting started on this with the new year, and the way I see it, designing someone's logo is a great way to start. It was what I was meant to do. It's why I keep looking for the opportunity, because there is no other option for me.

Looking over the Macintoshes on sale at Fry's tonight, I saw what I hope will be the future of my tools. I got back on the PowerMac G4 after a bit of begging. I'll work toward the MacPro/MacBook Pro/whichever by earning this.

Until then, the G4 will serve well. But there is only so far she can take me.

Welcome 2009. You've got to be a better deal than 2008 was.

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