08 December 2008

Over the $500 Mark: We Get Closer To Getting The System Back

More angels have stopped by here over the weekend: two more donations have brought the contents of the computer replacement/repair fund to over $500!

The exact amount, as of this writing, stands at $513.42.

My gratitude goes beyond words, and especially to: Dale, Kris, Alan, Jeff, and Dave. I will be able to say, without exaggeration, that I could not have done it without you. I had no idea I'd built up this goodwill, and in these tough times, it is especially sustaining.

In the PayPal department, we finally are verified. This means we can use various methods to pay from the account even to payees that don't accept PayPal. We can also get them to send us a PayPal debit card, so we can deduct from the account via ATM and use the debit card for e-payments as well.

More as the situation develops!

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