21 October 2008

"Bad type is an assault. It hurts the eyes as much as a bat to the knees. Don’t be a design Gillooly."


(via Microsoft Typography) Who is ... Max Kerning?

He's opinionated. He's punctilious. He's fussy, finicky, hard-to-please, exacting, demanding. He's persnickety and nitpicking. He has the arrogance which comes of being ... well, right (don't you just hate those people?). He has a bit of an accent ... sounds kind of German.

Max KerningHe's not above invoking greater Portland's most famous Bad Girl to make a point.

He's the Mr. Blackwell of type.

Max Kerning is Extensis' new virtual pitchman, a type-spacing-obssessed, anally-retentive maven of movable type. He's impassioned and quite willing to go to the mat with Comic Sans (Sorry, Vincent ...):

Do you use Comic Sans? Then you must check yourself into the Albuquerque Institute for the Terminally Tacky. Tell them Max sent you.

He's irritating, snarky ... and instantly addicitive to me. Because, verdammt, I agree with him!

Max Kerning: he wants type in good taste, not type that tastes good.

Visit Max's home on the web here; for a never ending stream of snarky Max goodness, follow him on Twitter (RSS Feed).

He's the greatest thing since keming.

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amanda said...

Max is at it again...take a look:

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

LOL. They've done it again they have!

Thanks for the pointer.