31 March 2010

[design] Critique My Business Card

As an independent creative, there isn't much chance for critiques. I learned to love them.

The jury's out over whether or not there is such a thing as constructive criticism, but in the world of design school, it's positively magic. I think I enjoyed fielding comments about my designs in critique groups almost more than actually producing them. You'd go in with a design, and you'd come back with that design and an armload of things to try.

Well, I'm throwing open the doors on this one. I've updated my business card design, which I need very badly. What do you all think of this? Could I work on the type? Improve the type hierarchy? I enjoy the way I've gotten the type to align along one side of my logo. The real updating is using Myriad Pro, which is a font I've become very fond of.

I think I've pretty much nailed it here, but is there something I can do to push this up to the next level?

Generally, when you think you've nailed it, there's something else you could have done that you've missed. Leave whatever suggestions you have in the comments, and thanks.

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lacey said...
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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Nice comment spam … at least you remembered to use this blog's name.