02 March 2010

[web design] So, Who Says I Have No Impact? My Blog Postings Get Used In Web Design Classes.

I haven't gotten a great deal of feedback from a lot of my web writing. It's a happy thing when I do.

So you can imagine that, a few days ago, my day was brightened considerably when a couple of older artcles over at Designorati were referenced by this blog posting, which belongs to a college level art course called ART 1359: Design for the web. It's completely obscured as far as which college it does belong to, but plugging the class name and title and the words "Cedar Valley" gleaned from the text indicates that the Dallas (TX) County Community College District teaches such a class.

The articles regard the difference between internal and external CSS files and what exactly the "Cascade" in CSS is and what it means. They must have been pretty acceptable if a design instructor decided to offer them up as reading via the class's blog, and remember that feeling I've talked about betimes, when you find that something you blogged about wound up answering a question someone had that you never knew would be asked? Got that feeling here.

So, hey, I was happy to offer it up for the common weal. I'm glad it seen as useful, and how many of you have had your blog articles used as fodder for classroom instruction?

So, see? Pretty nifty!

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