30 March 2010

[pdx} PDX Gets In The NYT Again - Thanks To #PDXBoom

Portland making the New York Times has become something of a trope hereabouts, with the lifestyle writers agog of how we do everything here from growing a city to washing our hands. But today, #PDXBoom made the Times, as it's beginning to be a great example of how social media and the intartuebz mean that a whole bunch of people armed with nothing more than a computer, their happy obsession, and a craving to know can become a force of nature that seems to get things done ... in an antic, chaotic way.

Also, meet Reid Beels, the developer and member of PDX's Open source community behind the twitter alias @reidab, who hit the ground running and provided us with the Google community map PDXBOOM which, as the newsers are intimating, helped the Portland Police Bureau track down the apparent cause & a pipe bomb buried in the bank of the Willamette in Powers Marine Park by State Hwy 43, south of the Sellwood Bridge.

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