10 March 2010

[design] Making A Business Card In Photoshop

You can think of a million reasons to have a business card and a million situations to have one. You could also find out the figures you need to make it or … Tutttoaster has a nifty perspective on the basic-basic of the business card workflow that you can peruse. The tutoral file (included at the end of the posting) contains all the layers that were in the tute: The front looks like this:

And the back looks like this:

It's a nice design, but why not download it and come up with your own variations – if you're a designer, you shouldn't be satisfied with what you get handed, anyway. Never be satisfied with the default!

It's a fine foundation to build all sorts of business cards in, including your own, and with cheap business card services proliferating by the day, it's a fine file to have in your collection, or alter to your own workflow.

If you're any sort of designer, even if your an unsuccessful one like me, you'll want to do that.

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