23 March 2010

[web_design] The Secret Of Tup Wanders

A few missives ago, I tried to turn my reader on to the niftyness that is Tup Wanders's web site, which, if you don't remember, looks like this:

It's nice and cool and corporate, perfectly riffing on the corporate website paradigm. Hell, even the tagline/motto, everything. all the time. and then some, seems to promise everything you desire in that corporate way … just whatever it is, you couldn't say.

Even the name "Tup Wanders" … well, to this American ear, that sounds like one of those European conglomerates that provide something to someone somehow. Loaded with action-words and corp-speak, it makes its point. They even have an employee of the month – a security guard.

When you click on anything, though, here's what you see:

My friends, we been had. But its a joke I wish I'd of thought of. The website itself is portrayed as a printed piece of paper, wadded up and pushed up with the words "Nah, kidding. It's just me", the word me linking you via email to designer Tup Wanders, who's snagged you, because if he can do that, you've got to be thinking – what else  can he provide you with.

Bright idea, yes. Well done.

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