03 March 2010

[logo] Ubuntu Has A Nifty New Logo

Just peeped via something somehow, with version 10.04, the open source (and free-as in beer) Linux OS Ubuntu is getting a keen new look:

Here's the main logo versions:

In my opinion, the Ubuntu logo has always been one that hit a home run. But this new, more typographical approach for me was love at first site. Drawing its inspriation from a bunch of type design I've seen lately, such as Myriad and Clearview, coming up with a simple clean sans-serif (provided this wasn't an off-the-shelf font solution) and making the lovely graphic Ubuntu logo mark a sort of supersciripted typographical mark, sort of like an asterisk with a whole lot of extra meaning.

All of the Ubuntu marks are getting the treatment, and in others parts that aren't strictly OS, such as the Kubuntu projects, spatial positioning and that beautiful font they're using do the job. Canonical's website is reportedly getting an update too.

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