15 May 2012

[net_liff] Google Chrome, Now With Built-In Tab Synching

2816.The new Google Chrome, Chrome 19, is in the stable channel, and what got my attention was that they have apparently brought tab synching to the browser. This is supposed to mean that no matter where you are, on what computer, whenever you use Chrome you have the same tabs on any session on any computer you use. Your browser follows you everywhere.

This'll probably have two reactions depending on how you see Google; for those who aren't down with the seemingly-ever-increasing amount of information Google collects on you to make your online experience as unified as possible, there will be a search on how to turn that off; to those who don't mind or don't care … and judging by how well Google still seems to be perceived or how popular Chrome seems to be, that's an ass-ton of us … it'll be a boon.

And here's TechCrunch's article: http://techcrunch.com/2012/05/15/chrome-19-launches-now-features-built-in-tab-syncing/

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