03 May 2012

[pdx] An Animated GIF for Jefferson Smith

2811This is as close to political I'll get on this blog, however, I do have an animated GIF supporting Jefferson Smith, If you're supporting Jefferson, you're welcome to help yourself to it and spread it around.

I do like Jefferson, and he is eminently quotable.

Download the GIF as a GIF, remember. If you download it as JPEG, there's no animation. Click on it to embiggen (it'll look better that way) and then you can download.

There ya go, buckos. Share away.

Thanks to Carla Axtman (http://twitter.com/carlaaxt) for the quote and the graphic, and Jefferson's campaign on the Book of Face is at (https://www.facebook.com/forwardwithjeffersonsmith) and on Twittah at (http://twitter.com/Jefferson4PDX)

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