09 May 2012

[pdx_liff] Are There Mutant Ducks In Laurelhurst Park?

2814.Well, no … not if you don't feed them, anyway.

Earlier today we repaired to the park to take in the waning day and enjoy a light lunch. The money the City's spent to rehab the pond in Laurelhurst Park has been well spent; ducks enjoy it mightily, and clouds of tireless swifts clear the air of irritating bugs. It's a very pleasant place.

But as you may or may not know, the City's concerned that we keep the Pond clear of everything that we don't need there; feeding the ducks will bring in matter they don't need, and threaten the rehab that's been accomplished there.

This is what it looks like these days …

But wait … what's that sign here?

Either we've got a freelancer working there, or the City isn't being forthcoming about what they're doing over there.

Either way, we took a longer look. Swimming a short distance away were two of the Ducks Whom Must Not Be Fed:

And here's a closer look:

Well, they don't seem mutated.


The truth isn't out there.

The truth is in there.

Unless it isn't, of course.

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