27 May 2012


2831.We have a certain (well, perhaps a little too unique) affection for KGW-8's meteorologists. Led by The Mighty Zaffino, the First Alert Storm Team (which will be First Alerting the Storm even if there isn't one to Team up on), lays into Cascadian weather with a passion we find quite intimidating.

In all seriousness, the whole crew adopts a very 'scientist's' attitude about it. They must have a passion for the weather from its scientific angle; we've learned a great deal about atmospheric science from them, and when they drill down, it's like watching a kid with a toy who wants to share and show and wow you with everything about it.

But they're the best, really … and I can't but respect a station that had the sheer good sense to hire Rod Hill. We enjoy Nick Allard from The Square in the mornings. And then there's Matt … the weatherman's weatherman. That's why we say …


Make your stickers, mah peeps.

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