05 May 2012

[net_liff] Mahtab Zargari and the Yoda Soda

2812.I've rhapsodized at length about Mahtab in the past. If you've not been introduced, let me explain.

Mahtab Zargari is this precocious little 8-year old girl who has a passion for food. Yes, I know, what kid doesn't? But, unlike most kids, she makes the greatest little show out of it.

Mahtab's Big Kid Cooking Show is now at 11 episodes; she's covered things like making hummus wraps (yes, and "Yoda Soda") in the little-kid way but with a big-kid approach and a comfortability with the camera that is unmistakable. It's hard not to be sweet on young ladies, but I say, sirra, if you don't fall for Mahtab and her food act, then you must have a heart of stone. You must.

Here, after a too-long wait, is the anticipated 11th ep of Big Kid Cooking Show, where she assembles a glass of Yoda Soda from the Star Wars Cookbook.

It's easy to use gentle terms to describe her act … adorable, sweet, cute all come to mind, and they're all, in their way, true. However, Mahtab's got more going for her than just being a charming young lady. It's also easy to dish off a term like passionate, but how many 8-year-olds have you heard of that are still starring in such a charming series of Internet shorts that they've been doing since they were four?

She's literally been doing this for half her life. In this ADHD world, that's not just an achievement, it's a minor miracle.

And that's why I'm still sweet on little Mahtab. Assisted by her doting dad, she's a picture-perfect example of someone who's lucky enough to find her passion early. She plainly enjoys what she's doing, and when she speaks to the camera, it's like a friend is speaking to you.

We know not what this bespectacled gem has up her sleeve for the future, but we presume that what she wants, she'll pretty much get.

If you want to see the previous 10 episodes in the series, look here: http://bigkidcookingshow.podbean.com/ . She has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mahtabzargari, and yes, you should like it. 

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