08 May 2012

[zehnkatzen] The Portland Marquam Bridge Skyline Picture Has Jefferson Smith's Back

2813.When a particularly beloved progeny goes on TV, there's always a moment of swelling pride. Now, some know this photo, and it has gone round the world a couple of times (sadly, not always permitted). Back in January, though, I reached an agreement with the Jefferson Smith for Mayor campaign to license the photo for use.

This, of course, is that photo:

It went on a few posters, which made me rather extremely happy. But in the latest campaign spot for Jefferson, my happiness meter pretty much pegged. Not just because it's a darned fine spot, and Jefferson looks very good in it, but the graphic backing up the titles going in and coming out should look very familiar.

Here they are in freeze frame:

… there was the intro, and here's the outro:

Jefferson Smith is a great candidate, and will make a good Mayor. I did license this photo to the campaign, but when it comes to politics, I don't just license these things out to just anyone.

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Anonymous said...

And then we received a mailer using the same grayscale of the photo. Nifty!

- The Wife (tm)