14 August 2005

[blog] Go Crack a Book. I Have Links.

Down at the way bottom of my links lists (which I notice is getting long indeed) I've added a couple of links to books that I've mentioned lately.

The first one, IllustratorCS2@work, is done by my friend Pariah S Burke, and it's the one that I've been doing tech editing on. It's almost been put to bed, one more bit left to do, and it'll be out some time in September.

I know this one is good, folks. If you're interested in Adobe CS2, you need this book.

The other one is Eugene E Snyder's book, Portland Names & Neighborhoods:Their Historic Origins, a book I've menched here before. Amazon.com actually seems to have a few copies, which is amazing for a book with a small press run, narrow interest, and only one printing-that one about 1979.

Despite this dating, it's still a book with huge value to those interested in Portland geographical history. Amazon says three copies are available. If you're interested in this but, my suggestion would be to jump on it.

Go all the way down to the bottom of the sidebar, where the words "Buy Books" are.

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