06 August 2005

[blog, linkage] It's Not a Tumah, It's Not a Tumah At Ohll: It's Jim

Link love is introducing me to so many people...

After I looked about at stan, I saw a link to a 'blog simply titled it's jim, established by the mononomially-tagged Jim. Started reading.

The man is funny. Staccato shots of personal life delivered by someone who enjoys roadgeeking and has a viewpoint on life that's absurd and a delivery that's about half Steve Martin and half Steven Wright.

He lives in Saint Louis. Has a doggie named Rooty. Makes me laugh out loud.

Four Stars: Sam-Bob says "Check it out". Especially the archives.

And, on a personal note, this heat is starting to make me feel ill-I have a night job and must attempt to sleep during the day. So the posting and 'Nerding might fall off just a little. But I will try to keep it in.

Thanks for reading me, you guys.


Jim said...

thanks for the kind words, the check is in the mail as agreed

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Boy if I had $500,000 for every time someone said that to me...

You welcome, Jim.