16 August 2005

[net_life] A Word From the Creator of Sam Klein

Some time ago, I threw out my Google gillnet to gather up what Sam Klein I could find out there. One delightful example was Sam Klein, detective.

Created by Canadian author and historian Allan Levine, Sam Klein is a street tough in turn-of-the-20th Century Winnipeg, Manitoba-a place where life in the "North End" was apparently rough. A Jewish immigrant, Sam Klein becomes a detective accidentally when looking into the death of a Polish girl, a death blamed on a local rabbi, a tale told in the first of the three mysteries, The Blood Libel.

The series continues in two more books: Sins of the Suffragette, and The Bolshevik's Revenge. There are currently three books in the series.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I recieved the following in my inbox:

Hi Sam,
I happened across your website and The ZehnKatzen Times blog from a few months ago. Maybe we e-mailed already? I got a note from another Sam Klein or was that you? There are actually three novels in the series.

See my website: www.allanlevinebooks.com under historical mysteries for the whole story.

To be honest, my use of your name was coincidental. I wanted to use my grandfather's name Sam Kliman but changed it at the last minute to Klein!
And there you have it.
Actually, Allan, thank you. Your letter above made my day. For what it's worth, I plan on acquiring the Sam Klein Mysteries, even though I'm not much of a mystery fan, I'm dead keen on just about anything where Sam Klein makes good. And, judging by the reviews I read on his site, Levine's historical mysteries are quite good, as are his general history offerings.

Once again: Allan Levine's main site: www.allanlevinebooks.com
And his Sam Klein mysteries can be found at: www.allanlevinebooks.com/mystery.html
It's a very well-designed site.

Go, Sam Go!

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Jim said...

super cool that he used your name, super cool that you heard from him, and super cool new graphic, kewl