13 August 2005

[metro_transit] C-Tran Service Reductions At A Glance

From the C-Tran Website:

• C-TRAN Service Reduced by 40 Percent;
• Weekend Service Eliminated;
• Commuter routes 114 and 173 Eliminated,
• All other commuter routes retained;
• Service to Camas/Washougal Eliminated;
• Service to Battle Ground Eliminated;
• Connector Service Eliminated;
• C-VAN Paratransit Service Boundaries Reduced;
• Service Day Ends at 8:00 p.m.;
• Passenger Service Office Hours Reduced.

Read the entire service reduction summary at the C-Tran website here.

If you're for C-Tran and you believe that the upcoming initiative ought to pass, now would be the time to get involved. There's a group of Clark County citizens, Save C-Tran (follow this link) that is devoted to explaining to their friends and neighbors how important transit is in Clark Country.

The election is 20 September-just a little over a month away. The clock is ticking.


stan said...

Sounds like they did everything just short of removing one wheel from each bus.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well put, Stan, well put.

BTW, hope you had a nice trip. Welcome back.