20 August 2005

[pdx_life] OryFred

Just noticed that there is a 'blog now devoted to remembering one TSgt Fred Torck. If you are part of PDX SF-fandom, and attend OryCon, you may have met him.

He was one of those behind-the-scenes folks who are always there, always where they are needed when they are needed-the glue that holds dear things together. Last year, he suddenly, unexpectedly, and untimely-like, shuffled off this mortal coil.

So justly-beloved was he that he was made a department unto himself, with the only rainbow-colored ribbon (signifying just how he couldn't fit into any one category-con ribbons are color coded, to indicate department...kinda like those original-series Star Trek unis).

So one-with-the-convention was he, he acquired a unique nickname-OryFred.

The blog honoring his life can be read here, and is going into my link list.

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