03 August 2005

[blog] Inbound Love

I noticed that I got a few new links in this week. As always, I'm grateful for them. Just like the other people who've linked to me (Mike, Pril, homopoliticogeek, Schlockstar), they are also interesting and intriguing places to visit. All now have reciprocal love from my own list of links.

Stan is one. He announced his presence with a comment to an Address Nerd discourse which happened to mention Biddy McGraw's. I'm happy to provide readers with what they seek. In following the path back to his own 'blog I found that he does an net.comic strip (Joel & Steve:The Road Trip Comic Strip) which I am now getting caught up on. A link is available from his 'blog. The 'blog itself is a highly interesting personal chronicle.

I got a link from Isaac Laquedem. His is a curmudgeonly voice with quite a bit of knowing; his tagline explains it succinctly with a cranky sort of humor. I've not read him long enough to figure out how congruent we are, but I sense we are kindred spirits. I'm with him on this post
about Atkins (don't get The Wife[tm] started about "Atkins fuzzy math") though. Thanks, Isaac.

And I've also somehow found my way as a link on a blog of regional scope called Subduction Zone. It seems to be concerned with politics and public policy on the Upper Left Coast in general, and makes for interesting reading with takes on public transportation, regional lawmaking, and such. The 'ed itor' has seen fit to include me next to some cool.kids, and I am grateful.

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Jim said...

no one actually has room to list all of Stan's blogs, even Stan. He has him main blog, the comic, the doodles, the made-up news, and the cam-phone blogs that I know of