24 September 2005

[blog_life] Oh *&^$. Jim Went and Bailed.

So I'm reading my newsfeeds, and I see this post over at It's Jim.

Oh, crap.

You know how it is when someone is putting on a really cool party and you find your way into it, and it's really fun and it turns out it was ending and the host didn't tell anyone? You know that feeling?

Pretty much happens to me all the time. Notch another one.

Was it me? Did I not post enough? Was it my breath? Were my 0's and 1's a the wrong size?

I'm leaving the It's Jim link up for now because, frankly, I was so pleased to have it that I just can't bear to take it out right now. Jim was really funny and a pleasure to read. I'll miss him.


pril said...

apropos of nothing.. except a much older post, i found that Dick Blick Art Supplies has Rapidoliners :)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Oh, bless your heart, Pril...after finding out what happened to Jim's site, I'm kinda blue. Buying a few Rapidoliners from Blick won't solve all my probs, but it's like a nice stiff shot of rum...it'll hit the spot for now.

You cheered me up a bit.

Nice thumbnail, by the way. Nice axe, says he of the long-time-owned-but-never-learnt
Harmony P-Copy.

pril said...

thats just a cheapo Ibanez GS100. But i too have a lovely Harmony!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

And one of these days, as Dave is my witness, I will learn how to finally play my bass!!!

Basses are so much cooler than anything else. Seriously.