20 September 2005

[pdx_music] Twisted Sisters

So I overhear The Go-Go's signature song from thier album Talk Show (1984) and I get the urge to have it so I can play it over and over (I do that with songs I really like). The song is, of course, "Head Over Heels".

So, I get a bug to find out what they're up do. Like a few other '80s pop bands they've reunited, with an albut out a year or so ago (God Bless the Go-Go's). And they have tribute bands.

Now, there's something about tribute bands. Somehow they always seem wierdly appropriate. I suppose it stands to reason that a band that elevates the concept of woman (they're, in my opinion, one of the premier "girl groups" of the last 30 years for a very good reason) would attract a certain sort of tribute group, but for reasons which I can't quite put my finger on.

With The Go-Go's, there are two all-male tribute groups out there.

One is L.A.-based, and is called The Ga-Ga's. I can't find out too much about them.

The other is based right here in Portland. The name?

We Got The Meat.

I'm friggin' serious. Follow the link! The Go-Go's thought they were cool enough to mench on their own home page's front page.

I love self-expression, I do I do.


Jim said...

hehe -- would it be possible for
We Got The Meat to be less like what you would expect!!!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

And how about those head shots with the guys with towels around thier chests, heads, and cold cream on thier faces just like on the GG's debut album, hmm?

Wild. Absolutely.

Anonymous said...


we are playing tomorrow (Sept 29th 06)at Jax on 2nd and Yamhillish.

We go on at 7:00

5 bucks


on the roof