04 September 2005

[design] Busier Than A Person, Well, Who Is Very Busy

One thing that has been keeping me quiet of late is the helping in the launch of a new and potentially very important site for designers:

This is an omnibus site, the creation of which is being spearheaded by my compadré Pariah Burke, exploring design in many spheres. I personally will be editor of two topics: Cartography and Typography. Both are lifelong loves. We're going to be covering technology, layout, working on design, illustration, and a whole buttload of designer nifities.

The launch is scheduled within the week. I am currenly preparing content for my topics, so will be a bit silent here for a little while longer. Expect scattershot comments on things that catch my eye, though I am trying to squeeze out a bit more Address Nerdery over the next week, so those of you who favor my little chronicle, please check back. I love you all!

(PS: Clicking on the logo above will take you to a page that will give you a place to sign up for a one-time-only mailing list that will shoot you an email when Designorati launches. After the launch, it will be the Designorati main site)

(PPS:I also have finally updated the site for The Science Fiction Museum, as well as its blog. Check it out!)

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