14 September 2005

[sundial_life} Some Irrelevant Facts

I now know the lyric to Blinded by the Light...the Manfred Mann version, which, as my friend at The Workplace Which Must Not Be Named™, John Barleycorn, correctly nominated as one of those songs in which the remake is actually better than the original version.

Certainly, I'm saying that a British rocker did a Springsteen song better than The Boss. But some things simply must be said.

Also, I remain the only graphic designer any of you knows who know the native lyrics to the bizarre summer hit from a couple years back that became the music to the "Numa Numa Dance". That's right, I know the Romanian lyrics to Dragostea Din Teï.

I don't have looks or money, but I do have style. Or something so bizarre that that's the only word you can use to describe it.

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