25 September 2005

[net_life] As Long As I'm All Bent Out Of Shape...

...and as long as I have just 10% of a 39MB download to go, I got something to day:

I don't care if you're from a corrupt African dictatorship.

I don't care if you had connections with wealthy and corrupt government ministers.

I don't believe you have cancer, and wish to do one thing right with your money before you die.

Furthermore, I don't believe you have ever had anything to do with Mobutu Sese Seko.

You see, I know you're making all this up, that you're desparate to make a couple of bucks, and you're really posting from an internet café somewhere, and you think I'm stupid, and you'll send me some sort of dumbass email claiming to be an operative for some country's Ministry of Duping Dumb Internet users and if I just give you access to my checking account you'll deposit 10% of eight gazillion dollars in it for pretending I'm someone's next of kin.

But you'll just keep sending me the same 419 scam e-mail. Can't you people do any better than this???

PS: I don't believe I won the lottery, either.

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