05 September 2005

[net_life] A Google Mirror Site. Literally.

You don't think Google needs a mirror site?

Well, think on another meaning for mirror, and then, go here.

Or maybe I should say, "ereh og".

Just one thing. Whatever you enter in the search box...well, "Samuel John Klein" returned nothing. "nielK nhoJ leumaS" worked just fine.

(Thanks to "It's Jim", good for at least 1.4 laughs/day. Why haven't you bookmarked it? New, improved, with added "NotJim")


Jim said...

Dave is not an improvement! but he is a good guy!

cvacta<--merger of Chicago Veggie Authority and Chicago Transit Authority

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, he's an improvment over having no Dave, neh?

tlaptedl<-Urdu for "Sarah Jessica Parker"