17 September 2005

[tech] Maybe Now I'll Be Able To Keep Up

I started out by loving Safari, but I'm really starting to love FireFox.

I have this bad habit. I'll find a 'blog that fires me up, then make a few comments, get really involved, and then stop posting as I've moved on to something else.

FireFox, though, has nice extensions that are available for nuttin. And, I've been falling head over heels in love with RSS. Problem is, Safari doesn't do RSS; FireFox does RSS, but clumsily and not in a dependable way (Live Bookmarks). I have Opera but Opera doesn't like the advanced formatting that Blogger provides (and ignores it, like Safari does).

Also, I don't have Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger", and, from what I've been hearing to what it does to Adobe Creative Suite 2 performance, I probably won't jump at it when I do have the budget to get it.

Exploring available plugins for FireFox I found Wizz Computer's Wizz RSS 1.1.3. It's sweet. Once you get the nomenclature down and understand what the Wizz RSS 'account' paradigm is (its a free service that maintains your RSS list with Wizz that addtionally allows you to log into your private list from any other 'puter with Wizz RSS installed-you can read your personal feeds from potentially any computer) it becomes very easy; your RSS feeds are called Channels and are organized into Categories (you must create at least one Category to add a Channel). Once operating it's only necessary to click on a channel to display the syndicated content, and all you need to see the post excerpt is to mouse over the title. Clicking on the post title will cause the entry to load into the active FireFox browser window.

Now I'm busy populating my list with the blogs I comment on then get distracted off. This might work out alright.

Wizz RSS gets four stars; Sam-Bob says "Check it out".

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J.D. said...

I use Firefox on PC and Safari on Mac, though 99% of my web use is on Mac. I, too, am running the old cat (I don't remember its name). I just can't see much worth upgrading to the new version of OS X. The new version of Safari is supposed to have RSS support, though. I still can't figure out how it's integrated into the browser, but then I haven't looked that closely.