08 May 2006

[Address_Nerd] Yet Two More Pix of the Stark/Leahy/Cornell Area, Presented with Minimal Comment

Two more pictures of signs in that area we've been exploring:

This sign is seen by one who is west/northbound on Leahy, just as one comes up to a store on the corner and just past the elementary school. I completely dig this.

The "SW Taylor St" name is the logical extension of the name from the Portland city center, though it's effectively a few blocks north of where it is downtown–500 block vice 900 block–as Stark Street in this area is also that other street's logical extension.

Just one bit of advice: Don't tell the officer you didn't see the sign.

And this is where West Stark (here obviously mislabelled) nominally crosses Barnes Road, about 2/3 of the way towards the Saltzman Road junction as you go away from the Peterkort area at Barnes and Cedar HIlls Blvd. The style of the type and the relative sizes are a bit off the normal style for street blades in that area.

This section of street is extremely brief, only about 50 feet long if that, and serves as a place for a couple of driveways serving the properties on that side of Barnes to tie in at a single spot, and a slightly off-street place to put mailboxes. The trees in the distance are part of one of the Teufel Nursery locations. There is an entrance to that property directly across Barnes from here, such that it lines up, but it clearly is not an extension to the public road.

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