17 May 2006

[design] InDesignSecrets.com goes live

Rejoice, InDesignistas! David Blatner and AnneMarie Conception, two of the hottest InDesign gurus going right now, have débuted a must-bookmark site, InDesignSecrets.com.

It's just started, but tune in. When they give this stuff out for free (including the podcasts), you want to be on board for this stuff. Having dialed in to a couple of web seminars from David, I know for a fact he's a great communicator. To those who know thier gurus, AnneMarie should also need no introduction.

The current post details the peek InDesign Conference members were given to the upcoming InDesign CS3, due to ship next Spring.

We say, check it out. We've added it to our blogroll, in the "Tools & Inspirations" section.

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