07 May 2006

[design] QuarkXPress 7 Universal Binary Public Beta is now Available

Recently, Quark, Inc. closed it's Public Beta test program after the release of two test versions. Both Windows and Mac users had the chance to assay what the former king of the DTP hill had to go up against the Adobe Creative Suite adversary.

However, it's not quite closed yet, not for everybody. Quark now has up a Universal Binary Beta, that code that is intended to run both on PowerPC Macs and the new MacIntel (you might say "MacTel" Macs.

In contrast to the other two public betas, which were time-bombed to expire on certain days, the Universal beta is set to expire 60 days from the date of installation, behavior more like a free trial version, and twice as long as the It's up on the Quark Public Beta download page now, and registration is free and open to all as before; go to this page to do it.

Clocking in at a Brobdingangian throw-weight of 225 MB, I'll have to find me a broadband connection to sample this lovely.

(I wrote about it on QuarkVsInDesign as well)

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