01 January 2009

A Trip On The Tram ... A Long View for the New Year

1891. I must be cautious lest I read too much into passing events, but we celebrated today with a ride on the Portland Tram.

It's supposed to be costing taxpayers a bundle. At least, the ride is nice, as is the view.

Here's a video I made with the might plastic fantastic Vivitar VivCam 3705, as recieved and posted by YouTube:

And here are a few photos. The view from the gondola is truly one not to be missed ...

Clicky here to embiggen. Also, here's the Marquam Bridge from the Tram:

Clicky here to embiggen this.

Clearly the Aerial Tram, regardless of the policy that got it built, has given us incomparable views of the greatest town on Earth.

Happy Neo-Year!

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Anonymous said...

Costing taxpayers a bundle? Any legitamate source for that?

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Just what I hear bantered about on the blogs.

I'm not pretending to punditry here. I could be wrong.