22 October 2009

[liff] My Comedy Writing Won Me A Prize Today

2242.Well, admittedly, it wasn't a great deal of comedy writing, but famous cartoons have had shorter captions. It just gets down to what works.

All this month, graphic resource house Veer has been holding a series of Twitter contests. They tweet the contest out, and you respond by starting your tweet with "Hey @VeerUpdate" and then including whatever they need and if they select your tweet, during the daily contest you win a 1-month subcription to Veer Marketplace where you can get a scad of great high-quality photostock.

Yesterday's contest was creative contest #32, and the challenge was to caption this photo:

Thumbnail copyright Veer; you can purchase it yourself
by going to http://marketplace.veer.com/images/1589134

My caption:

It was moments like this that Dr. Doctor thanked God
he got a "A" in "Concerned Medical Looks 101" in Pre-Med.

Which won me the subscription (along with a few other lucky and talented souls). So, yay, me! The small triumphs are sometimes quite sweet!

Thanks, Veer!

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