05 October 2009

[packaging] I Can Haz Canned Cheezburger Naow

2218.We are not entirely unfamiliar with the efficacy of canning food to make it travelable and extend shelf life, and although the idea of finding imported Heinz Treacle at the Hawthorne Fred Meyer (that has to be boilt in the can before being eaten) is note completely bizarre to us (though it is a bit alien), there are some things that take it a bit far.

Presented for your delectation, the Trek'N'Eat Cheeseburger in a can, designed for those who spend a lot of time in the outdoorsy, presumably miles away from the nearest fast food dive. Contained within a can of indeterminate size (but appearing to be about the same size or perhaps a little bigger than your standard can of tuna fish), the burger is prepared by heating the can in a hot water bath, removing said can, opening the lid, and then (and this is the important step) enjoying your cheeseburger.

And if this isn't nifty enough, the foodstuff (for what other word could perforce apply) has a shelf-life of about a year.

But my unease really has nothing to do with the idea of a cheeseburger in a can, having eaten my fair share of freeze-dried Mountain House food during my time as a Boy Scout, but rather the illustration, nicked from the Trek'N'Eat site and decorating this very post. Look at that burger. Do you, for one minute, think that it came out of that can? Do you, you cynical consumer of culture you, need to be reminded that there's such a thing as food stylists?

I cannot believe there is one chance on this good green Earth that such a perfect looking cheeseburger came out of that can. Now, note that I'm not saying that whatever comes out of that can isn't edible or even delicious. But the marketing, while skillful, is a little hard to believe.

But man, I'm curious as to what that thing looks like and tastes like. You bet.

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