08 October 2009

[pdx] It's Like A Second-Hand Store, Except That Everything's Free

2225.There's a new player in the 12th and Hawthorne Cart Zone, which has actually been expanding of late.

Among the cart pods in the City, the one at 12th and Hawthorne is, if not the most famous, the one with the most community. Going down for a Whiffie's pie or an El Brasero chorizo burrito or a cup of Yarp's noodles means you get to sit and watch a lot of interesting night people (well, at the hours we're likely to be there).

The pod there has gotten so successful that it's actually spawned a satellite at the corner of SE 11th and Clay, one block south and one block east, on the opposite side of the Burgerville. There's an Airstream trailer there – the Empress Diner – and Northwest Hot Dogs. And now, in a painted bus, also at 11th and Clay, there's the Portland Free Store.

The website is http://www.freestoreportland.org/, and they Twitter at twitter.com/freestorepdx. The tagline It's like a second-hand store, except that everything is free seems to sum up thier business model succinctly. And it seems to be something of a movement; on the Free Store Portland webpage is a shout out from the Free Store Tulsa (yes, the one in Oklahoma).

It's a charming concept – kind of like the ArtBox on SE 20th by Colonel Summers Park, except that you might actually want what's in it. And an old painted school bus? What's not to like here? Looks like a unique way to support Portland's DIY and share-and-share-alike culture.

Oh, they're going to be on KGW's Live@7 tonight, so hey, you might want to check this out.

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pril said...

ooo i used to go to the free store in Tempe AZ! like EONS ago! back in the day when goatees and dreadlocks were edgy. harf!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

The Portland Free Store looks like a little thing but it looks as funky as anything else we have here in Hipsterville.

Goatees and dreads edgy … wow. Good times. Good times.