14 October 2009

[type] Free Typography Rules Poster PDF - With Solid Advice

2236.Since, according the The Book Of Tom Peterson (and Gloria Too!), free is a very good price, here's a nugget I turned up thanks to David Airey at twitter.com/DavidAirey:

The poster, in PDF form at Minneapolis graphic designer Evan Stremke's site (http://www.evanstremke.com/index.php?/design/rules-of-typography/) is classily and elegantly designed and self-proves by using interestingly-laid-out typography to create its own interest. Every one of the rules mentioned is common-sense, and I've passed by them all in my education in typography. Here's a good one:

… and that's the stone truth. For all the insatiable collecting that type-lovers do, it's truly amazing how few type faces one really needs to get the job done. Any sufficiently creative layout artist can combine these and use other design tools and techniques – hierarchy, juxtaposition, what-have-you – to create interest and compelling approaches. As always, context is key: there is a time for Helvetica Neue, there's a time for Myriad Pro, there's a time for Hobo and Cooper Black, even. I suppose there's even a time for ITC Matisse, but I just hope I'm out of town when that time comes. Better still, it should come in Redding.

And to encourage you to download the poster, I'd direct your attention to the very last rule, which is what you need to know once you've learnt all the others. But … soft you now! … download the poster.

The PDF is free, but you have to print your own poster. Oh, well, nothing's perfect, bunkie. It's great design anyway.

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