17 October 2009

[pdx] Stark Street Milepost P13 …

2237.… atul666 can haz it, in Gresham:

… it's that little obelisk by the sign post. Probably knocked down by a road crew; lovingly replaced by the Gresham Historical Society.

The picture above is small and hotlinked (with apology to atul) to make you go and read his entry, which is highly skookum.

Cleveland Avenue (historically SE 235th Avenue) and Stark Street.

Check it.

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Eric Fischer said...

I just found this picture of the Portland street sign shop in 1916 and thought you might enjoy it:


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Eric – that's absolutely amazing, that picture, thanks! And the book is PD download from Google books! Extra amazing!

Watch this blog for a posting about it.