23 October 2009

[blog] My PDX Street Typography Photo Featured At Portland Building Ads And Other Vintage PDX Signs

2243.If you're interested in Portland streetscapes, funky found typography, and Portland visual history as I am, then you already have Portland Building Ads blog (http://pdxbuildingads.blogspot.com) in your blogrollio somewhere.

So, when the proprietor thereon asked me if he couldn't use this picture:

To flesh out a visual history of the corner of SW 17th and West Burnside, I naturally said "hells-to-the-yeah!"

Thanks to Dan for the query. I'm only too happy to assist, because when it comes to Portland visual history, I'm all over that. And flattered too!

If you like vintage type and vintage signs, too, he cited a local blogger who does vintage Portland sign reproductions. His name is Peter Vogel, he blogs at The Nutmegger Workshop: http://www.nutmeggerworkshop.com/, and the works on offer are supremely charming and attractive. So, go, do that thing there!

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Ben said...

So sad to learn that Demitri's is closed! That's my old neighborhood.

I thought maybe you were looking at the (commonly known to be) gay coffeehouse on the east side of Burnside near 17th.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


That's a sweet little, cozy nabe. Not the same since the glandular version of The Civic went up, but it's still charming.

Gay coffeehouse? I'm not familiar with that bit of history. Was it on the north side or south side of West Burn? Do you remember what it was called?