08 October 2009

[design] Hardcore Prepress Artists Get Tats With Crop Marks

2224.(Yes, I've moved off count again, meaning that there are at least three duplicates down the stream there. Ah, well).

How do you know you're hardcore prepress?

How do you tell the world that you'll quit electronic layout when they pry your Mac from your cold, dead hands?

How does a hardcore designer represent?

With ink, of course:

Photo via The Font Feed. Copyright belongs to them.

Via Jurgen Siebert at The Font Feed:

Long time Adobe InDesign product manager Will Eisley is so dedicated to his job that it has gotten under his skin – quite literally. Will recently had his initials tattooed on his inner forearms, together with the regis­tration marks, crop marks, and colour and grayscale bars which are part of InDesign’s printing marks.

I think they're beautiful, even though the color and grayscale bars happen inside the crop marks, which will cause trouble when his arms eventually do go to press, but that's what you get when you don't sign off on a press check, even I know that.

Find another better picture and what Will wants to have tattooed next at The Font Feed
. Also a few snarky comments. My favorite:
The dude has his color bars inside his crop marks… He might be a quark user, or even worse.. corel..
Oh, snap!

(from a RT via @Extensis on Twitter. Love Extensis.)

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