13 May 2010

[art] Insights To Drawing In Adobe Illustrator For The Vector-Intimidated

2410.Using Adobe Illustrator can be an intimidating experience if you're new to vector drawing. Vector drawing creates wonderful illustrations that are crisp at any size and don't "pixelize" when you scale 'em up or scale 'em down.

Drawing lines with pencils, pens, or whatever you fancy and then filling in (or not) the areas you define with color, texture, hatchings or whatever is wonderfully intuitive when you're doing it on da paper, but not so much when you have to think of those lines as vector objects.

You might figure that doing a successful vector drawing involves a bunch of near-miss vector creation then a bit of tweaking to get the line just in the right place using the anchor point handles, but the pros know just where to put the line, every time, right?

Not quite true! As illustrator David Lanham shows in this sped-up drawing process posted in a video on Vimeo, even a pro puts down a line and adjusts it until it's just right. Like every other pro, though, they take the basic movies and use experience as a multiplier to get the job done,
and that's why you practice if you really want to accomplish.

View it:

Like with me, it probably verifies that you probably have the beginnings of how to work with paths to create your art in Illustrator, as you can probably understand that David's doing there. Practice and use them, and you can expand them and make them yours.
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