22 May 2010

[design] The Hipster NYC Subway Map, with Connections to Prague and PDX

2418.From Twitterer @FakeMTA, via Dave Knows PDX (@daveknowspdx) we give you the Hipster-friendly NYC Subway map (clicky on the piccy to embiggen)

On the upper right, you have connections to Prague, and the left branch takes you straight to glorious PDX (distance: 2,897 miles). Lines end in locations like "Talk about going here", "You Passed Out Again", and "Mom's House".

Teh funnay? You bet.

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Dave said...

I was thinking maybe you could conjure up a hiptster Trimet map?!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Hmm. I could get on that right now. I'll keep y'all's posted.