26 May 2010

[pdx] Broken Down Farmhouses and Turbulent Skies over Washington County

2420.Broken down farmhouses ...

I've always wondered ... I've been more prone to see barns and old farmhouses slowly returning to the earth along the state highways in Washington and Yamhill counties than in Marion and Clackamas.

As mentioned elsewhere, I don't think it has anything to do with the character, health, or wealth of the east side of the Willamette Valley vice the west. But it is a truthful observation.

The weather this day, as many will remember, was trying to be more springlike. The Wife" was awestruck over the turbulent sky. She said it would make a great painting, and I agree; though she would use acrylics, where as I would do watercolors, or maybe dare with oils.

The above house, BTW, was from Highway 47 a couple miles north of Forest Grove. This picture was off Highway 6 between Banks and the US 26 merge:

Oregon does, just like every other season, Spring in a way that no other region does, and I happen to think better than anywhere else.

But then, I'm a native-born Oregonian.

If a bigger view is wished, clicky your way over to Posterous, here: http://zehnkatzen.posterous.com/broken-down-farmhouse-and-big-sky-in-washingt

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