10 May 2010

[logo] 5 Oregon Political Candidates Who Identify With Mount Hood, w/5 Totally-Made-Up-Facts About Them

2406.I was sad this morning, coming back from my third shift "day job": there was no Mount Hood. Gray skies, don'tchaknow. Which reminds me of a joke. Here's your official:

Mount Hood Weather Predictor
  1. If you CAN'T See Mount Hood:
    It's raining.
  2. If you CAN See Mount Hood:
    It's ABOUT to rain.
It works with varying degrees of effectiveness depending on how far away from the northern Willamette Valley you are. If you're in Frenchglen you can use Steens Mountain; if you're in KFalls you can use Mount Shasta (even though it's in Cali; we don't hold that against it!).

The thought comes to mind because, during campaign season, several peoples wanting to be elected peoples tend to use Mt. Hood (or Mt. Hood-esque) imagery as campaign logos. I didn't have to swing a cat too far this season to find several examples.

1. Dan Saltzman. Dan's running for re-election to the Portland City Council, so his use of Mt. Hood doesn't seem so gratuitous; after all, Mount Hood forms a significant and signature feature of the Portland skyline. It's like running for Silverton mayor with a picture of Silver Falls on your website.

Made-up Fun Fact About Dan Saltzman: He has a hybrid fixie-10 speed bike.

2. John Kitzhaber. Oregon's once-and-future governor doesn't so much use the mountain as a logo element as he does a design element, but it's in a prominent and theme-making position. The website header is a great place to set a mood and an attitude, and Kitz is Very, Very Oregon … almost as Oregon as I am (I am more Oregon than most, because I'm smug about being native born):

Made-up Fun Fact About Dr. John Kitzhaber: In 1998, John Kitzhaber was not invited to the Bohemian Grove … but his mustache was.

3. Rick Metsger. Once KOIN sportscaster, current State Senator, and hopeful future State Treasurer, his bio says he hails from the Wy'east area, so he perhaps has more natural right to boast about a Mt. Hood connection than anyone else, so that's solid Oregon cred, perhaps even more than me. What Mount Hood says about one's financial acumen, though, is a bit less clear.

Made-up Fun Fact About Rick Metsger: His hairstyle resembles a sacred Buddhist icon. If he were to travel to Lhasa and stand on a certain spot and recite a magic chant, he would unify Hinayana and Theravada Buddhism.

4. Chris Dudley. This very tall man, who apparently is a Republican, has a rather uninspired website design but the mountain does form a backdrop. Presumably it was chosen because, like him, it is very tall, one of the few things in Oregon that you can actually stand on and look down on him.

Made-up Fun Fact About Chris Dudley: was once a Portland Trail Blazer.

5. Scott Bruun. Bruun (name rhymes with "vacuum") wants the Republican nod to challenge freshman 5th District congressman Kurt Schrader in the general election. His rather tastefully-designed website has a red tone (who says red-states and blue-states have become passé?), and his logo has a red sun rising:

Made-up Fun Fact about Scott Bruun: His stylishly short coif smells of rasperries. If elected, Gordon Smith's hair has applied to transfer to Scott Bruun's scalp.

Have I missed any Wy'easts amongst our electoral challengers? Got any totally-pulled-out-of-your-arse fun facts to share? Let me know in the comments.

And happy voting. Vote Mountain – unless you don't of course.

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