22 May 2010

[type] NewType Mono ... More Gorgeous Monospaced Type

2419.Monospaced type is hard to make beautiful. Each glyph has to be engaging to the eye per se, and be designed - if it's to look good as well as merely functional - with an awareness of how it's going to look amongst others of its face.

People don't usually waste time kerning or tracking monospace type.

So, when a monospaced typeface grabs my attention, I tend to fall in sloppy love with it. As I did with Everson Mono (which is a free download but shareware license), I've done so with NewType Mono, of which some can be seen here:

I also love the fact that in the Newtype family there's a Newtype Mono as well as a Newtype Stereo, whose differences should be apparent.

One look should be enough to deduce what I mean here. Each glyph uses its mono-space very well, very effectively, and relates and respects the other glyphs nomatter what they are. Through clever use of angle, curve, and corner, they all seem "of a piece", and you might not feel like kerning them ... because they don't look like they need to be. It's available in a lot of weights and some beefy meaty bolds that are an exquisite combination of slab and curve.

And you can get it from Fontfarm: http://www.fontfarm.de/themes/fonts/newtype/index.php

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