21 May 2010

[pdx] Dusky Downtown Portland Late One May Afternoon

2417.Photos from a recent walk. Being as my camera is the rather popular but not-all-that-advanced Vivitar ViviCam 3705, a/k/a the "Plastic Fantastic", getting excellent pix is somewhat of a challenge. But the result is sometimes atmospheric, kind of like the reason you use a Holga when the conditions aren't optimal.

I adore this view south down Southwest 2nd Avenue:

Looking south from SW Yamhill Street & the first very tall building in the middle distance is a part of Portland's World Trade Center, and the one with the clipped corner farther on is called One Main Place. The gloom of dusk & PDX's own glomen & is kind of seductive. But as much as I like that one, I like this one, of SW 3rd Avenue:

& and I think it's because of the SEMLER building sign. That futuristic looking one with the combover top is the Mark Hatfield US Courthouse, for what that's worth.

The Saturday Market is held, in part, on a platform just under the Burnside Bridge. This is that place:

What I didn't know was, that in the off-hours, it's a fountain. Very romantic at that time of day.

And what's really romantic: Seeing the warm lights of the Lloyd District from just north of the Burnside, from across the Willamette:

Speaks for itself.

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SarahMiller said...

Ooh, That picture of the Llyod district is partcularly nice. Love the lights begining to reflct in the river and the magic hour feel of it.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

... that's exactly what made me fall in love with it too.

There's the warmth in the golden lights. That's the key to me.